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Best & Cheapest Online Phone Stores in Nigeria 2024

Several online phone stores operate in Nigeria, offering a range of devices at different price points. However, it’s essential to note that the “best” and “cheapest” can vary depending on factors such as product availability, pricing, customer service, and delivery options.

Technology has made numerous aspects of life easier in various ways. Here are several ways in which technology simplifies tasks and enhances convenience:

Technology is here to make our lives a lot easier, and this has conveniently cut across, how we buy and sell items including phones.

These days, purchasing a phone of your preference doesn’t require a visit to a physical electronics store. You can conveniently make your selection from the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered to your doorstep.

This helps in to sample a wide range of phone options from the available types on the websites you wish to buy from.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about safety, or fraud because this article on the best & cheapest Online Phone Stores in Nigeria will show you trusted online retailers you can trust for your shopping and delivery deals.

Another advantage to shopping phones online is to address the issue of distance. You may live at a place where getting to a physical phone shop will take a while or safety is not guaranteed and you may be exposed to only limited options.

If you’re looking for reliable online phone retailers, we will be listing the best websites to use when purchasing phones online in Nigeria.

These platforms guarantee not just authentic and quality devices but also return and refunds possibility where need arises, so clearly you do not have to worry about fraud, or cloned gadgets.

Overall, technology enhances convenience, efficiency, and productivity in various aspects of life, making tasks easier and more accessible for individuals and businesses alike.

List of Cheapest and Best Online Phone Stores in Nigeria

Below are the list of the most reliable, reputable, cheapest, best and trusted online phone Stores in Nigeria.

Here are some popular online phone stores in Nigeria known for offering competitive prices and reliable service.

Since, phone stores are mainly of two types, i.e physical shop outlets and online retailers you have options to choose the best for you based on your needs, location, time etc.

Jumia — Jumia phone store

Jumia is currently the most reliable, most popular, best & cheapest online phone Stores in Nigeria.

This retail website is very popular, and it goes beyond gadgets and phones, you can find almost everything you wish to shop for here.

Jumia is presently the largest multivendor e-commerce stores in Africa and of course the largest in Nigeria.

On Jumia you can buy anything you want, with ease, and the prices are affordable with product types.

The website also joggle prices based on promo or seller, since they have more than one seller selling similar products.

Phones on Jumia are not just very affordable but of as much quality as described in the products description, as well as accompanied by 6 months warranty.

Jumia also makes home deliveries via their agents or pickup stations, where you can go retrieve any order you may have placed during the course of the week.

On the Jumia shopping site, they have different vendors and majority of their vendors are foreign which means you can trust the quality and product you are expecting in most cases.

This website is also very committed to meeting customers deadlines, and as such, they are trusted and rarely dissapoints.

This quality makes it a very reliable online phone store to purchase phones from and they’re certainly one of the best in Nigeria.

In addition, they offer a pay-on-delivery payment option or pay via online which allows you to pay on your own terms or when you have satisfactorily received your item at your doorstep.

Justfones — justfones phone store

JustFones is one of the best & cheapest online phone Stores in Nigeria, and it has quality phones and accessories.

This Website as the name implies specifically dedicated to gadgets, and they sell some of the best, quality assured and affordable phones in Nigeria including gadgets like Laptops, Gaming Consoles and the likes.

JustFones sell brand new products and they also offer free shipping for orders above 100, 000 including nationwide delivery services.

Their head office is in Lagos but they can get your order delivered anywhere in Nigeria, JustFones is no doubts one of the best online phone stores in Nigeria.

SLOT — slot phone store

Slot is also very popular and among the best & cheapest online phone Stores in Nigeria.

They have both online and offline presence with more than 60 different shops in Nigeria where you can easily walk into and buy a phone.

Slots have great reputations and satisfied customers who leave good reviews as evidences about phones that are being purchased from any outlet.

Also, to purchase phones online all you have to do is visit their website and make your order. sells good phones and have new products with warranty assured.

Slot delivers phones and it accessories nationwide, they have trusted and a large customer support and their services are one of the best.

You can order any phone you want from Slot, both Android devices, iPhones, iPads and other accessories like Earbuds, Airpods and even smart wristwatches, you’ll always get them on

Konga – Konga phone store

Konga is also a popular online shopping mall, for electronics, phones, computers, fashion and lots more.

To shop, you will have to place an order via their website or download the app and sign up.

Konga offers seamless payment plans, fast delivery services and tracking.

They also have a number of products varieties to give you a range of options to select from.

Pointek – online phone store in Nigeria

Pointek is another huge and one of the best & cheapest Online Phone Stores in Nigeria, where you can buy more than just phones.

This brand is known to be one of the best when it comes to electronics, gadgets, generators, air conditioners and also other gadgets accessories that can be used with phones, laptops etc as well as  other items you buy from them.

Their phones are always new and they also come in good shape, are very affordable and they’re affiliated with some of the big smartphone manufacturers in the world.

You can make Pointek your favourite online phone store in Nigeria and they are efficient in making same-day delivery on any order you make, they’ll surely get that done for you most particularly if you live in Lagos.

They have a good return policy and they also accept payment on delivery on any orders made in Lagos. They’re one of the Best Online Phone Stores in Nigeria.

3C Hub — online phone store in Nigeria

3C Hub is one of the most trusted, best & cheapest Online Phone Stores in Nigeria.

They also deal on electronics and other home appliances, as well as gadgets like laptops and accessories.

With main office situated in Lagos you can order for phones online to other parts of the nation.

3C Hub sells quality phones and they have partnerships with reputable brands in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

3C Hub allows you to order any phone you want and have it delivered to your doorstep, they have good customer service for any enquiries and their delivery rate is one of the best.

You can always trust 3C Hub to be one of the best online stores where you can order your phones, gadgets or any other electronic you need at home.

They have shops in different places in Nigeria and you can also make orders on their website as well.

There are other online store like; Kara, GadgetPoint and many more.

These are the Best & cheapest online phone Stores in Nigeria, with the availability of these websites, you can ease yourself from the stress of locating a good physical phone store before you can buy a phone.


Before making a purchase, it’s essential to compare prices across multiple stores, read customer reviews, and consider factors such as warranty coverage and return policies. And also, be cautious of extremely low prices, as they may indicate counterfeit or refurbished products. Always ensure that you’re buying from a reputable and trustworthy seller to avoid any potential issues with your purchase.

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