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Fully Funded Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024 | Apply Now

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) represent prestigious awards offered to exceptional students from Commonwealth countries. Established in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, these scholarships aim to foster academic excellence, promote intercultural exchange, and strengthen ties among Commonwealth nations. Administered by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), QECS provide opportunities for talented individuals to pursue postgraduate studies in various fields at leading universities across the Commonwealth.

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) offer an exceptional chance to undertake a two-year Master’s degree program in a Commonwealth country categorized as low- or middle-income.

These scholarships target students dedicated to effecting change within their communities. They offer a transformative opportunity to immerse oneself in a new country and culture, expand one’s horizons, and establish enduring global connections.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars play a pivotal role in driving positive change and addressing mutual challenges encountered in both their home countries and the host nations. As engaged participants in the Commonwealth network, scholars contribute to shaping its future trajectory.


  1. Citizens (or those who hold refugee status) in a Commonwealth country are welcome to apply.
  2. Applicants must apply for a QECS award in a country other than their home country/country of citizenship. Refugees should apply as if they were a citizen of the country that has offered them refugee status.
  3. There is no upper age limit to be eligible for a QECS Award.
  4. Must have attained a minimum of 2:1 (or equivalent) at undergraduate level to be eligible to apply.
  5. ust have already completed your degree and have graduated with an equivalent of a 2:1 at the time of application. You will be asked to provide a copy of your final transcript and degree certificate.
  6. The QECS awards are only hosted by low and middle income countries. Therefore these awards will not be hosted in high income countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK.
  7. QECS awards are only for new students and cannot be used to fund a course that has already been started.


  • Fully-funded tuition fees
  • Living allowance (stipend) for duration of award
  • Return economy flights to host country
  • One-off arrival allowance
  • Research Support Grant (on request only; subject to approval)


  • Look through the list of countries and universities hosting scholarships in this cycle.
  • Visit the relevant university website for more information on your chosen course using the links included below.
  • Complete and submit a QECS application for your chosen university/course by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button. Once you’ve clicked apply, you’ll be directed to a log in page. If you don’t already have a myACU account, click get ‘get started’ in the right hand corner of the page to start your application.
  • Submit an application to your chosen university for admission to your chosen course.


Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships provide a transformative opportunity for talented individuals to pursue higher education, develop their leadership potential, and become agents of change in their respective countries and beyond. By investing in the education and development of future leaders, QECS contribute to the advancement of knowledge, innovation, and global cooperation within the Commonwealth.

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