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Women for Africa Foundation Learn Africa Scholarship Programme 2024 for young African women | Apply Now

The Women for Africa Foundation Learn Africa Scholarship Programme is a remarkable initiative aimed at empowering women through education. By providing scholarships to talented and deserving women from African countries, the program not only supports individual academic pursuits but also contributes to the overall advancement of women’s rights and gender equality across the continent.

Through this scholarship, women have the opportunity to pursue higher education and develop their skills in various fields, ranging from STEM to social sciences, arts, and humanities. By investing in these women’s education, the program not only unlocks their potential but also fosters a generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers who will contribute positively to their communities and beyond.

Deadline: April 17, 2024

Requirements for Women for Africa Foundation Learn Africa Scholarship

General requirements

  • Be a woman
  • Have nationality
  • Residence in an African country
  • Be enrolled in an African university or have a university degree issued in an African country.
    • For postgraduate scholarships; a Bachelor’s degree is required. The degree required may vary depending on the scholarship applied for.
  • Meet the specific requirements of the scholarship you are applying for.
  • Only one application per person will be accepted.

Academic and Technical Requirements

  • Read carefully the information showed in the description of the studies you want to take, as well as on the university website regarding the academic requirements.
  • The beneficiary agrees to provide the host university with duly legalized, certified and translated copies of her university degree, academic record or any other required documentation. If you are selected, we recommend that you start the administrative process at the time you accept the scholarship, as the procedures you will need to take at the Embassy/Consulate and/or at the Ministries of Education or Foreign Affairs of your country may take long time.
  • The beneficiary must also present a certificate issued by her university certifying that she has a degree that enables her to pursue the requested studies (master or Phd).
  • If you apply for an online scholarship, you must have a computer properly equipped to follow online courses, taking into account the following aspects: Internet connection, web browser, operating system, desktop applications, webcam, Zoom/Microsoft Teams applications etc.

Language requirements

  • Before applying, make sure you have the required language skills. A high level of the language in which the training is delivered will always be required (B2 or C1 depending on the host university). You must prove your language level through the presentation of an official language certificate or through a telephone interview with the university.
  • If you are selected, you will receive a notification email and — probably — a phone call from the Women for Africa Foundation to inform you personally. You will be requested to communicate with the foundation’s staff in the language of the scholarship you have applied for.


  • Online scholarships cover only tuition fees.
  • Face-to-face scholarships cover the following costs:
    • Tuition fees
    • Round trip
    • Accommodation and meals (either in a University Hall or through the provision of a monthly allowance)
    • Health insurance

Note: It’s not guaranteed that scholarships will cover other expenses such as:

  • Re-enrollment fees for subjects failed at the ordinary or extraordinary exams.
  • Internet connection for online scholarships.
  • Costs associated to the issuance of the visa to travel to Spain.
  • The legalization, recognition and translation of university degrees and academic records (the host University will require these documents).
  • The issuance of the certificate once the studies in Spain have been sucessfully completed.
  • Any other daily expenses including, but not limited to, warm clothing, hygiene articles, footwear, leisure, or local transport.
  • Each scholarship is just for a single person; in no case will support of any kind (financial, consular, accommodation, etc.) be granted for potential accompanying family members (children, parents, siblings, spouse, etc.).Evaluation criteria

A specialised comittee will make a first evaluation of all the applications based on the following documents:

  • CV
  • Reference letter(s)
  • Motivation letter
  • Language skills
  • Project/concept note (if required)


The Women for Africa Foundation Learn Africa Scholarship Programme serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for women across Africa, demonstrating the transformative power of education in creating a more equitable and prosperous society for all.

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