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United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Program | How to Apply 

The United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Program is fully funded Program for masters and PhD students that offers extensive research opportunities I nano-satellite.

This long-term Fellowship by the Government of Japan is in conjunction with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the Japanese Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech).

Meanwhile, in this article, we are going to provide you in detail all that you need to know in regard to The United Nations / Japan Long-term Fellowship Program is in terms of how to apply, where to apply, eligibility requirements and other vital information.

United Nations Fellowship Summary

Host Country: Japan

Study Abroad: Study in Asia 

Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships | PhD Scholarships 

Eligible Countries: All Countries 

Reward: Full Scholarship | 44,000 yen Monthly Stipends 

No IELTS Required 

Deadline: November 5, 2024

Unlocking Opportunities: Japan Long-term Fellowship Program

Are you an aspiring engineer with dreams of exploring the final frontier? The Japan Long-term Fellowship Program, an integral part of the United Nations Fellowship initiative, offers a gateway to advanced studies in space engineering. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the intricacies of this prestigious fellowship opportunity.

Program Structure:

The Japan Long-term Fellowship Program opens its doors to a select group of students, accepting up to three participants for both the Master’s Program (2 years duration) and the Doctoral Program (3 years duration). Upon successful completion of their studies and defense of their thesis, participants will earn a coveted master’s or doctoral degree, marking the culmination of their academic journey.

Academic Pathway:

Successful candidates will have the privilege of enrolling in the esteemed Space Engineering International Course (SEIC) after demonstrating their aptitude through an official entrance examination conducted by the Graduate School of Engineering at Kyushu Institute of Technology. This specialized curriculum is meticulously designed to equip scholars with the knowledge and skills essential for thriving in the dynamic field of space engineering.

Eligibility Criteria for Japan Long-term Fellowship Program 2024:

To be considered for the United Nations Fellowship, aspiring candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Nationality: Applicants must hail from developing countries or non-space-faring nations, characterized by a lack of substantial capability to develop space technology or launch space objects.

Nomination: Candidates must receive official nomination from their respective institutions to be considered for the fellowship.

Age Limit: Applicants must be born on or after 2 April 1989 to qualify for the fellowship.

Educational Background: Candidates aspiring for a Master’s degree should have completed their undergraduate studies culminating in a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent (4-year university degree) in engineering-related disciplines. Those aiming for a Doctorate degree should possess a Master’s Degree or equivalent (5 years university degree) in engineering-related fields. However, degrees in diverse technological domains may also be considered by the Doctor Commission.

Professional Utilization: Applicants are expected to demonstrate their capacity to make professional use of the experience gained during the fellowship program, contributing significantly to the advancement of space engineering within their communities and beyond.

Benefits of United Nations Fellowship 2024:

The selected candidates for the Japan Long-term Fellowship Program will receive a generous grant under the Japanese government’s (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarship (Research Students), amounting to approximately 144,000 yen per month for the duration of their fellowship study (2 or 3 years). 

This financial support aims to cover various expenses, including housing, food, local transportation, and other miscellaneous costs. Please note that the actual scholarship amount may be subject to change.

In addition to the monthly stipend, each candidate will be provided with an economy class air ticket between an international airport in their home country and either Narita International Airport or Fukuoka International Airport, depending on their designated itinerary.

Furthermore, Kyushu Institute of Technology will generously cover all fees associated with matriculation, tuition, and entrance examinations, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede the pursuit of academic excellence.

Navigating the United Nations Fellowship Selection Timeline

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a transformative academic experience with the United Nations Fellowship? Understanding the timeline for the selection process is crucial for aspiring candidates. Here’s a breakdown of the anticipated timeline for the United Nations Fellowship Program:

November 2023: Global Outreach Begins

The dissemination of information about the Fellowship Program commences in November 2023. Potential candidates worldwide are invited to learn about the program and its offerings. This marks the beginning of the application period, signaling the start of an exciting opportunity for aspiring scholars.

5 November 2024: Application Submission Deadline

Mark your calendars for 5 January 2024! This is the deadline for submitting all application documents. Candidates are reminded to ensure that their applications are complete and submitted by 23:59 JST (Japan Standard Time) on this date. 

Missing the deadline may result in the disqualification of applications, so it’s essential to adhere to this crucial timeline milestone.

Mid- November 2024: Selection Process Initiation

Following the submission deadline, the selection process kicks into gear. After the initial round of screening based on the received application documents, candidates who meet the criteria move forward to the next stage. 

Approximately two weeks after the submission deadline, selected candidates will be notified about interviews, marking a significant milestone in the selection journey.

Late- November 2024: Interview Phase

Late January 2024 sets the stage for the interview phase of the selection process. Remote interviews will be conducted for shortlisted candidates. The first interview session is scheduled for late January, with the possibility of a second interview if necessary. 

It’s imperative for all applicants to be available during these designated interview days. The outcome of these interviews will determine the selection of candidates who will be offered prestigious PNST scholarships.

December 2024: Announcement of Scholarship Recipients

March 2024 heralds the culmination of the selection process. After the conclusion of interviews, all PNST (Pacific Nations Science, Technology and Resources Network) applicants will receive notification about the outcome of their applications. 

Successful candidates will be contacted directly. It’s important for applicants to refrain from initiating contact during this period, as the selection committee will communicate all necessary information promptly.

February-June 2024: Plan Finalization and Discussion

From February to June 2024, successful candidates will engage in discussions and finalize their research and study plans. This period allows scholars to collaborate with mentors and supervisors, charting out their academic journey and laying the groundwork for their research endeavors. It’s a time of anticipation and preparation as scholars gear up for their upcoming academic pursuits.


Navigating the timeline for the United Nations Fellowship selection process is essential for aspiring candidates seeking to embark on an academic adventure of a lifetime. By staying informed and adhering to the outlined milestones, candidates can maximize their chances of success in securing a coveted PNST scholarship. Prepare to embrace the journey ahead and seize the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the world stage with the United Nations Fellowship Program.

The fully completed application form and other required documents except the referee report forms shall be submitted in electronic format (.doc or .pdf or.xls) at the Web address that is in the confirmation e-mail you will receive after registering above, by no later than 5 November 2024 (Friday, 23:59 JST). 

However, If not fully completed at the time of the deadline, the application will be deemed to be not qualifying.

Note: For file a name, do not use any non-English characters. Moreover, each character must be a one-byte type of character. As well, do not use spaces in your file names as the file server will not handle such data correctly. Use “_” (under bar) or “-” (hyphen) instead, e.g. “01_Tom_Smith_2023.12.24”.

The Referee report forms should be sent by uploading to the designated URL by the referees themselves by no later than 5 January 2024 (Friday, 23:59 JST).

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