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UBC Undergraduate Scholarships 2024/2025

The UBC Undergraduate Scholarships represent a commitment by the University of British Columbia (UBC) to support exceptional students in their pursuit of higher education. As one of Canada’s leading universities, UBC offers a wide range of undergraduate scholarships to recognize academic excellence, leadership potential, and diverse talents among its student body.

These scholarships are available to both domestic and international students and cover a variety of fields of study, including but not limited to arts, sciences, engineering, business, and health sciences. The UBC Undergraduate Scholarships aim to attract top-tier students from around the world and provide them with the financial support needed to pursue their academic and professional goals.

One of the notable aspects of UBC’s scholarship program is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The university values the unique perspectives and contributions of students from different backgrounds and actively seeks to support individuals from underrepresented groups. As such, many UBC Undergraduate Scholarships are awarded based on merit, financial need, and/or specific criteria related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The application process for UBC Undergraduate Scholarships varies depending on the scholarship, but generally involves submitting an online application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement or essay. Some scholarships may have additional requirements, such as a portfolio of creative work or evidence of extracurricular involvement.

Once awarded, UBC Undergraduate Scholarships provide recipients with financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs. In addition to financial support, many scholarships offer opportunities for mentorship, networking, and professional development, enabling students to enhance their academic and personal growth while at UBC.

UBC is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive campus community where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally. Through its scholarship program, the university aims to empower students to reach their full potential and make meaningful contributions to society.

International Major Entrance Scholarships (IMES) are awarded to exceptional international students entering undergraduate programs at UBC. Students receive their IMES when they enter their first year at UBC, and the scholarships are renewable for up to three additional years of study. The number and level of these scholarships awarded each year vary, depending on available funding.

UBC Undergraduate Scholarships Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate
  • Institution(s): University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • Study in: Canada
  • Deadline: January 15, 2025 (annual)

Courses Offered:

  • People, Culture and Society
  • History, Law and Politics
  • Languages and Linguistics
  • Media and Fine arts
  • Business and Economics
  • Earth, Environment, and Sustainability
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Math, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Education

UBC Undergraduate Scholarships Coverage

UBC Undergraduate Scholarships will provide the recipient with the following benefits:

  • The number and level of these scholarships awarded each year vary, depending on available funding.

Eligibility Criteria for UBC Undergraduate Scholarships

To qualify for UBC Undergraduate Scholarships, candidate must fulfill all of the following requirements below:

  • Required Language: English is the primary language of instruction in UBC. All prospective students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of English before they’re admitted
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • Be new to UBC, entering directly from secondary school or post-secondary (university or college).
  • Be an international student who will be studying at UBC on a Canadian study permit (student visa). (Changes to your citizenship status will affect your IMES eligibility.)
  • Demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and intellectual promise, as well as impressive extracurricular and community involvement.
  • Not be nominated for a need-and-merit-based International Scholars award.

How to Apply for UBC Undergraduate Scholarships

Kindly follow the following application instructions to apply for these scholarships:

    1. Visit the website
    2. Create a new account
    3. Fill your personal detalils
    4. Submit


TheUBC Undergraduate Scholarships represent an investment in the future of promising students and underscore UBC’s dedication to excellence, diversity, and innovation in higher education. By providing opportunities for exceptional students to pursue their dreams, UBC continues to uphold its reputation as a global leader in education and research.

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